There are many different types of wounds with varying causes, characteristics and differing degrees of complexity. Wound healing is a multifaceted process, which can be hampered by a number of factors such as age, obesity, diabetes, and the client’s/patient’s general medical, surgical and social history.

Lack of access to specialised wound management services, products and medical devices and related information, or educational resources, may also impede the provision of best practice. This may prevent the wound healing in a timely manner or achieving optimal client/patient outcomes.

Telehealth and clinical information technology platforms are accepted methods of providing clinical consultations and advice remotely, to improve access to healthcare services for clinicians and clients/patients. There are many facets to telehealth, including video conferencing and e-health records, that can be used effectively to share clinical information between referring clinicians, the client/patient and health professionals providing advice.

People with the following wounds may benefit from referral to our Wound Advisory Service:

  • Acute wounds where healing is delayed (no signs of healing within 7 days, or wound closure not achieved by 6 weeks)
  • Chronic wounds where healing is delayed (less than 30% reduction in wound size at week 4 or not healed by 12 weeks)
  • All wounds with potential for delayed healing due to comorbid conditions e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular or renal disease, cancer
  • Wounds with the following characteristics or complications including:
    • infection
    • pain
    • wound dehiscence
    • high exudate levels
    • frequent, complex or costly dressing requirements
    • wound breakdown or recurrence
    • wounds outside the clinician’s scope of practice

For further information please contact us: 1300 WOUNDS (1300 968 637)