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Introduction to Wound Management Module

This module provides the fundamental principles of wound management including wound assessment, techniques, dressing selection and patient/carer education.


Aboriginal Health Worker Module

Course Description This module has been developed specifically for Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) to assist them in gaining the knowledge, skill, competence and confidence required to assess and manage patients with wounds, within their scope of practice. The Aboriginal Health Worker Module is suitable for all Aboriginal Health Care Workers who may look after people…


Burns Module

This module outlines the emergency treatment of burns and includes the principles of injury assessment, burn first aid, burn wound management and referral criteria


Foot Ulcer Module

Course Description This module provides foot assessment, management and prevention strategies for foot ulcers including: Foot ulcer epidemiology and the anatomy of the lower leg How to identify an ‘at risk’ foot and determine differences between neuropathic and arterial ulcers Principles of conservative sharp wound debridement and the impact of diabetes on foot disease Suitability…


Leg Ulcer Module

This module explores leg ulcer assessment, management and prevention strategies


Malignant Wound Module

This module explores the prevention, assessment and management of malignant wounds. The Malignant Wound Module is aimed at health professionals working with clients/patients who have a malignant wound. In particular, it is pertinent to those working in hospices, palliative care centres, residential aged care facilities, hospitals and community health services who seek current and comprehensive…

Perineal Wound Care Online Module

Perineal Care Module

The aim of this online module is to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and understanding that is necessary to identify risks for perineal trauma. The module will also enable you to recognise and repair perineal trauma sustained during childbirth and advise women on how to relieve perineal pain. The Perineal Care Module is suitable…


Pressure Injury Module

This module explores pressure injury assessment, management and prevention strategies. The Pressure Injury Module includes a focus on pressure injury prevention and so is suitable for clinical staff, carers and those at risk of developing pressure injuries themselves. In particular, this module is essential knowledge for all health professionals engaged in client/patient care in hospitals,…


Skin Tear Module

This module explores skin tear assessment, management and prevention strategies including: Skin tear risk factors such as advanced age, dependence for activities of daily living, and visible skin changes Maintaining a safe environment and effective handling techniques Classification using the Skin Tear Audit Research (STAR) Tool and dressing product selection The Skin Tear Module is…