“Thank you so much for all your support and time last year coming and presenting at Armadale Health Service!! Your knowledge, experience and teaching is an invaluable treasure and I surely did appreciate and admire your presentations!!”

F O’Neill, Acting Clinical Nurse Specialist Wound Care, Armadale Health Service, Western Australia, February 2016


“Thank you very much for your presentation on Wound Management. It is such a good course and I would recommend it to anyone; actually it should be mandatory and part of the Nursing Degree. Most courses just skim over this but it is such an important area and should be covered in more depth as a unit. As I mentioned to you I work in Augusta (WA) and we see a lot of elderly both within our permanent care as well as those in the community who require dressings and detailed assessments done but if you don’t have the right knowledge then you could seriously be harming the patient more so than treating them. This is why I want to provide some “Wounds West” guidelines to our nurses as I have not seen anything that would meet your standards. This course has motivated me to set up a system that will provide more information to the nurses to re-evaluate their way of assessment against the gold standard of “Wounds West”, that is why I would greatly appreciate one of your manuals.”

R Wholley, Margaret River, Western Australia, September 2013


“Thank you for presenting at the wound care study day on 23rd July 2013. Your presentation ‘Pathophysiology of wounds’ was very well received by the attendees and listed by the majority as what they liked most about the day. Some commented that for future study days we could consider incorporating a practical component ie wound assessment and the selection of the appropriate dressing. This may be addressed by introducing some case studies involving obstetrics and gynaecology patients next time which I may need to seek your valuable advice. Overall, thanks to your input the day went very well. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

M Reed, Midwifery Educator, Western Australia, July 2013


“Thank you so much for your presentation at our Pressure Injury Prevention Study Day. The responses I received on the evaluation forms showed the staff really enjoyed your talk. They found the information you provided was relevant to their needs and felt they could take this knowledge back to their wards and apply it. So once again, thank you. Look forward to hearing another presentation from you in the future.”

B Gaston, Western Australia, May 2013