Wound Healing Institute Australia’s (WHIA) purpose is to advance and promote public health by applying a holistic approach to preventing and improving the treatment and management of chronic wounds, which arise from a disease or disorder.

As a not for profit charitable organisation, WHIA is dedicated to improving the life and health of Australians with wounds by supporting all health professionals, patients and carers through education, training, advice, research and health promotion on wound prevention and management.

WHIA’s inception was facilitated by the Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre and founded on the successful WoundsWest™ program offered only in Western Australia (WA) through an agreement between the WA Department of Health, Silver Chain and Curtin University.

WHIA will continue to advance WoundsWest’s ethos and service model by offering high quality education, training, advice and research in wound prevention and management; a valuable legacy of the WMI CRC, State of WA, Silver Chain and Curtin University.

Key Components

The key components of WHIA’s services are a:

  1. Wound Education Service: encompasses online and clinical wound education
  2. Wound Advisory Service: utilises telehealth to support patients with wounds
  3. Research and Evaluation Service: assesses performance indicators in wound prevention and management, and
  4. Health promotion services: to prevent or improve health and social outcomes for people with wounds

WHIA will maintain close links with the WMI CRC and other organisations working in the field of advanced wound management and disease prevention.